Q: How much can we expect to raise in a typical fundraiser?

A: Typically we are average $400 per seller, so if you have 20 sellers that would be $8000 in total sales in which your orgainzation would revieve $4000.

Q: What team size is best for a Colorado Jack Giveback Online fundraiser?

A: Our platform can accommodate teams for as little as 1 seller to 1000 sellers. You should try to maximize the number of sellers, this helps get the word out to more potential buyers.

Q: Who would benefit from using a Colorado Jack Giveback Online fundraiser?

A: Any team needing to raise money quickly and efficiently, from any location at anytime!

Q: How quickly will payouts occur after the fundraiser has ended?

A: Once your fundraiser ends, an email will be sent to the fundraising Coordinator's email address with more details. Typically we send a check to your organization within a week after the fundraiser has ended.

Q: How long does it take to create a new fundraising event?

A: Only minutes, you can create a new funraiser with either the App (iPhone or Andriod) or through our website.

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Q: How easy is it for me as the fundraising cordinator to add others to sell on behalf of the event?

A: Very easy, once you have the event created, you can share the Fundraiser 6 digit code with others through SMS on the app and then will be able to download the app also and create thier own unique selling site on behalf of the fundraiser.

Q: Can i share my online site easily with potential buyers?

A: Yes, it's simple, once your in the app click on See my Online Stores, then click on your current online store and click the INVITE BUYERS button. This will open the share to menu on the iphone / andriod device. Share via, facebook, email, sms etc.

Q: How many days is a fundraiser?

A: Our fundraisers a 5 days, our research shows that you will earn more and get paid quicker with a shorter fundraiser!

Q: Can I schedule a fundraiser for a future date?

A: Yes, you can schedule out a fundraiser for any future date, it will be in draft mode until the fundraising date is met. But you can still share the fundraiser with other sellers to get their online stores setup and ready to go.

Q: What are the shipping and processing costs associated with an Order?

A: USPS, UPS and FEDEX determine shipping rates by our shipper box sizes for popped popcorn and not weight, we are consistently trying to reduce the price of shipping and handling, but as you may know popped popcorn in general takes up more volumetric space and weighs less than other more dense products. Typically our 3 pack is $8.95, our 6 pack is $11.95, the 12 pack is $18.95 and our Lil Jacks 24 packs are $12 for shipping and handling.

Q: Is there a demo of the App that I can view?

A: Yes check it out below:

iPhone App Demo!

Creating your first Online Fundraising Event!

Inviting Team members to be Sellers in your fundraising Event!

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