The Classic is designed to fit the needs of most organizations, this offers you the opportunity to set your own pricing and keep the profits. At the suggested retail price, you'll see a generous 50% profit from your Colorado Jack Giveback sales and we'll pay for the shipping.


1. Group members will use individual order forms to take advance orders. Money is collected at the time of the sale and the group will use those funds to place your popcorn Order.

2. Tally all the individual sales to order exactly what your group has sold. We'll fill your order and ship it direct to you.

3. When your order arrives, you'll need to sort it according to each order form so group members can make deliveries.

Note: A minimum of 48 cases is required for this option. Please use the online fundraising option if you are unsure you will sell 48 cases.

Fill out the form below to get started!


Everyone loves popcorn. With our special blend of topping, it's the perfect snack. With one taste, your family and friends will be asking for more!

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